932 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
(412) 781-1456

Burgatory is ironically nothing short of heaven for burger lovers in the Blawnox area! So many of our Party Bus Pittsburgh guests choose this as a destination. The fact that it's so cozy here, that they have such a huge array of burgers and milkshakes to choose from, and that the service is so high quality and so friendly really add up to the perfect dining destination. The hard espresso love shake has got to be our absolute top favorite on the menu. We'd travel far and wide for it! The truffle fries are something that will send your tastebuds to heaven! And of course the specialty burgers are really the bomb. You can create your own burgers here too, instead of just going off the menu, which is something that we really appreciate. One of our favorite combinations is chicken on foccacia with truffle aioli, provolone cheese, arugula, and cucumbers. Absolutely mind blowing!

Eat'n Park Restaurant

849 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
(412) 782-5550

Eat'n Park Restaurant is a classic spot for breakfast, brunch, and burgers in the Blawnox area! Party Bus Pittsburgh customers request this one constantly. Super juicy hamburgers, delicious soups, a salad bar full of fresh pickings, tons of pasta options, and of course those famous milkshakes... there's just an endless array of good stuff, all affordably priced, and all yummy! They have a separate room for special celebrations or business meetings, and you just might want to take advantage of that while you're there. There's more than enough room in the main dining area generally though, so use your own judgement on that. The desserts and pies are really delish as well, so don't overlook those! There are televisions here for the sports fans and headline watchers. Unfortunately there's no outdoor seating and no alcohol, but you can catch the breeze and a good buzz in your Party Bus Pittsburgh vehicle anyway!

Carnivores Restaurant & Sports Bar

215 Allegheny Ave, Oakmont, PA 15139
(412) 820-7427

If you're looking for a really excellent place to party during your Party Bus Pittsburgh trip in Blawnox, Carnivores Restaurant & Sports Bar is your spot. They're incredibly consistent with the quality and flavor of everything here, and they have a really nice array of beer for you to choose from. This is a really busy place during game nights and it's always tons of fun. If you're more wanting a low-key lunch stop, come in on a non-game day and you're good! They have 30 rotating taps and over 500 bottled beers for you to enjoy here, and if you're anything like us, we could pretty much stop the review right there! Pretty compelling info! *wink* The hot dogs with unlimited toppings are just amazing and we can't get enough of the Texas burgers either. This is indeed a full bar with great happy hour pricing, plus outdoor seating and even free wi-fi. They've definitely got you covered.

Tavern in the Wall

211 Commercial Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15215
(412) 782-6542

Tavern in the Wall is another wonderfully relaxing place to watch the game and let the stress of your work week just melt off of you. There's such a wide array of delicious options for you to choose from, plus that incredible selection of beers to pour over, that you'll just feel like the king or queen of your castle, with endless options to please our tastebuds! The buffalo chicken dip is one of our favorite things to start off with. Just delish. For your main dish, the gorgonzola chicken is a superb option, and even the simple chicken tenders with french fries are just so good. The garden grille is a nice choice as well. The desserts are amazing here as well, all homemade, and all packed with flavor. The apple pie is served warm with ice cream, and there's just no greater comfort food than that. They have a full bar with happy hour pricing and the best time to come in is when there's live music happening!

Zip code(s): 15238

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