Emil's Lounge

414 Hawkins Ave, Braddock, PA 15104
(412) 271-9911

The Braddock area is known for its great bars and burger joints, and Party Bus Pittsburgh customers traveling around here are certainly well aware of that. Many times, they ask us where the best bar is in the Braddock vicinity and we point them straight to Emil's Lounge! This is a true old school lounge, as simple as it gets, with original architecture and features, and the same kind of old fashioned service that they probably really had back in the day! The array of sandwiches that are available here are decidedly new-school though! The open-faced steak sandwich is one that we really love and we're obsessed with their reubens and their fish sandwiches too! The Hawkins Avenue sandwich is also a standout item, and the Chrissy Club is one that we'd recommend any day of the week! Limited hours here, closed Sun/Mon, 10-7 Mon-Thu, 10-8 Fri, and 10-4 Sat.


299 W Bridge St, Homestead, PA 15120
(412) 461-2200

Burgatory is the last stop on your way to burger heaven! Oh, we just love this place. Any burger lover will develop an affinity for it faster than you can say "well done!" We like the fact that they use an app so that you can get in line while you're still in the party bus and you'll never have to feel like you're waiting. It definitely helps to beat the crowds. The waterfront location is a major perk and you'll enjoy the ambiance both inside and out. The array of burgers is just startling in terms of the amount of options, but the shake selection is something that we feel also deserves some attention! With such yummy options as a caramel pretzel shake or a Nutella shake, how could you ever resist? There's a full bar so that you can enjoy any alcoholic beverage under the sun, and there are televisions too in case it's a big game night and you want to watch your fave teams duke it out.


5997 Penn Cir S, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 362-2333

BRGR is another one of the great burger joints that dot the Braddock landscape. Party Bus Pittsburgh customers have remarked that they love the affordable pricing here and the super delicious food. The fast service is a major plus in our book! The 'shrooms burger is the way to go, if you ask us, and the button buster is also quite amazing. No matter what burger you opt for here, the onion rings are the side that you must have. Just. So. Good. The fried pickles are an appetizer that you simply must not skip, and a nice cup or bowl of their homemade chili really hits the spot too! The grilled cheese bites are great as well. We think you'll appreciate the great amount of space that they have for party bus groups here. They also offer outdoor seating and televisions. Great beer selection plus a full bar makes for an excellent array of drinks to choose from. Shakes too! Mm-mmm good!

The Yard Gastropub

736 Bellefonte St, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 709-6351

The Yard Gastropub is such an awesome spot to hang out in the afternoons and evenings in Braddock. They have an amazing menu full of delicious things to choose from, and it's all in such a cozy pub type atmosphere where you'll just want to linger for hours. Their very creative grilled cheese sandwiches are the must-have particularly the fried green tomato grilled cheese with parmesan fries, and we also highly recommend the chorizo scramble. The sweet potato fries are also a must-get! If you're there for brunch, you can take advantage of the unlimited Bloody Mary bar, and who doesn't love that? This is a casual, modern, and trendy place where you're sure to feel right at home and have a really great time. Watching the game is fun here and they've got free wi-fi too. Not just a beer place, they offer up a full bar. Absolutely wonderful service here. We love it!

Zip code(s): 15104

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