Ciccanti Ristorante

1206 Route 51, Clairton, PA 15025
(412) 384-7868

The Party Bus Pittsburgh crew and customers have been visiting this Clairton gem for years. Our crew likes to grab lunch there a couple of times a month, and it is our customers' absolute go-to location for special occasions. We've had a ton of rave reviews come in from our customers as they return from their outings. The service is always good and we have never once had a bad server. They are always very attentive without being too in-your-face. The ingredients are super fresh and flavorful. All of the dishes that we have tried are exceptional, and we really love the Bruschetta. No matter what you order, make sure to try the tiramisu for dessert! A top Party Bus Pittsburgh choice in Clairton!

Terrace Gardens Restaurant

1180 Woodland Ave, Clairton, PA 15025
(412) 233-2626

Terrace Gardens is such a nice place, and the prices are even nicer! We tried their crab cakes on a whim, because for $3.25, why not? So glad we didn't regret it! They were so surprisingly delicious! We don't think we could have made them any better ourselves, and especially not for that price. They also have a bar. You and your Party Bus Pittsburgh friends will really enjoy partaking in their modest but pleasing beer selection. They have happy hour on weekdays from 4pm-6pm. To top it all off, the juke box was free on the night that we were there! Our waitress was adorable and friendly. Everything ordered arrived within a reasonable amount of time, and there were no mistakes. No one had to wait around for drinks or service. A top Party Bus Pittsburgh recommendation in Clairton!

Elliott's Back Street Barbecue

3006 N. Lewis Run Rd, Clairton, PA 15025
(412) 384-2726

Dozens and dozens of our Party Bus Pittsburgh customers really like this place! It's not very pretentious or showy, but that's a good thing to us. Who wants to work all day just to go home and have to get fancied up for dinner? You're too hungry by then! They are awesome where it counts, which in our book is the food and service. The menu has a good multitude of choices available, as long as you aren't looking for anything too healthy! We usually like the pork skinnys with the heavyweight sauce (a little kick to it but full of flavor), and we really like the pulled pork sandwich with the same sauce. When you can get it, the pound of lamb special that they have is really unlike anything else around here and is very good. We've always had good servers there. Polite, friendly, and they do their job with a smile on their face. Overall, we would definitely recommend Elliot's to anyone who like barbecue and a REAL meal!


2238 Pennsylvania 51, Clairton, PA 15025
(412) 384-8325

Your Party Bus Pittsburgh group will LOVE Francesco's! It's family run and there is always someone from the family there, and you totally get that cozy at-home vibe from the place. If you've got a smaller group, you can share a medium pizza for about $9 and you'll usually still have leftovers for lunch the next day. Now, tell us where can you take that many people out and feed them dinner and lunch for under $10? Our crew members really enjoy the chicken marsala as well as the eggplant parm sub. All of the food has a very authentic feel to it. The staff are all very friendly, and we can't think of a single time that we have ever had to complain about anything! We would definitely recommend this place to any Clairton area customers who like Italian cuisine!

Zip code(s): 15025

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